a little about myself

GMDC. In other words, my name: Gabriela Margarita Della Corna. It's a fun one to say. Not so fun when you have to fill out those little bubbles on a Scantron.

I am a graphic designer raised by a family that has strong roots in Puerto Rico, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Germany, and America. I am a melting pot of cultures, and generally I like to approach design in the same way. Pulling influences from across the globe and from right around the corner, I aspire to create a sense of excitement, curiosity, and clarity with my work.

Recently graduated with a major in Visual Communications Design and a minor in Business, I completed my undergraduate at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. In other words, another phrase that isn't so fun to fill out on forms.

I am eager to continue learning and pursuing my passions, so please don't be afraid to leave comments, concerns, criticisms, or congratulations. Or just say hi if you're feeling friendly!





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